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Speculation - Edmund Jorgensen My grey cells feel as if they have been on a rollercoaster of philosophical debate.It is neither a mystery nor thriller, indeed it is more of a cerebral truffle which will challenge your taste buds.The conundrum of having to choose, whilst needing to know the outcome of his friends fate, takes the main character on a path of discovery. The discovery that each person has an identity for the public, one for their private life and a secret one that no person ever sees.The ending was utter brilliance. Instead of giving the reader the answer to the money or envelope question, we find that we already know the answer.Begs the question, what would you do or what would I do, and what would that choice say about you or I? In the end isn't his choice free will or rather a submission to a secondary choice?Hmm seems this book has left me with more unanswered questions than I thought, but that is a good thing and certainly a sign of a memorbale reading experience.