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Eye of the Witch - Dana Donovan Although this book is the second in a series it is viable as a stand-alone novel. The author gives enough info on the characters previous history together without recapping the entire first book.At times I felt as if Carlos and the main character spoke to each other and interacted like twenty something yr olds, which didn't gel with the fact that they were both older men. The whole retirement and experienced cop image might have fit into the plot, but it didn't fit the character at all.When the storyline veered into autism and the Benny and Leo plot ( I won't go into specifics) I was ready to shout out 'Impossible' and medically unheard of, but the author managed to turn that sub-plot all the way round and right way up again.The paranormal aspect of the book was interesting and could have been explored a little more, especially towards the end, which was a little rushed.The paranormal element could have been developed a little more and I liked where the author took the concept in regards to the solution to the problem.