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Trial and Terror - Adam L. Penenberg There seems to be a high number of misogynistic and sexist males featured in this book. Indeed finding a male character, who didn't try to rape, pillage or cop a feel isn't very easy.The main character is subjected to an extraordinarily high amount of abuse and insults.At times it felt as if this wasn't a finished product. The flow was not only inconsistent, it was also jumpy between chapter changes. On a more personal level I think it is totally unrealistic to assume Summer would go along with the demands of her stalker, especially after her personal experiences. However the end of the book redeemed that issue for me and although a little rushed it made complete sense.I also didn't feel as if the secrets of the main characters past had been delved into enough to give the reader a clear picture of what happened. That of course might be the subject of a second book.All in all it wasn't a bad liitle story, it just seemed to shout tall and walk small.I received a free copy of this book for my review.