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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith The only thing that keeps this novel from being a complete literary disaster is the fact that the concept is a very good one. Unfortunately the brilliance of that concept isn't mirrored in the book.The first half is fairly repetetive. Abe gets mad or upset, Abe hunts and kills vampire and so on. The second half Abe gets reflective and lets others kill vampires. In the midst of all this author has interwoven biographical and historical details. One would think that having a combination of true fact mixed with fiction would be easy to combine into a great tale. Far from it and it was close to being quite boring. Arrgh, what a missed opportunity. This could have been so much more. The odd spark of genius sub-plot was quickly extinguished and substituted for a lesser whim. For instance introducing Poe and his dark meanderings and then letting the idea wither away by the side of the page.On top of all that waste of superb ideas the author also kept switching styles like a person with multiple identities. One instance we are reading the thoughtful deep moments of young Abe written in a slightly more literary style, then the author would go off in a axe swinging and limb sucking YA style tangent.It just makes me want to shake the author for not being able to create on paper what must be swimming around in his head. Luckily for him someone was able to see in his head and create a movie, which doesthe ideas in his head a lot more justice than this book. I received this via the Kindle Lending Library.