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Swimming Upstream - Ruth Mancini The main character is introduced via her ominous statment 'there was something missing' and I am not sure the author actually provides the answer to what 'is' missing. Then again some people go through life thinking life is always greener on the other side or striving to fulfill an unknown quest in life.It is a comfortable read, perhaps a little awkward and bumpy in flow now and again. Sometimes the author jumped from one point to another without enough clarity or depth and I would include the ending in that statement. We go from an experience, which is traumatic and yet unrecognised by the victim to a completely new scenario a few decades further.Without revealing the actual plot, I would have liked to have seen a little more depth and emotion surrounding that traumatic experience. I believe it would have made the message far stronger, rather than tagging it on at the end like a forgotten thought.The sub-plots of domestic violence and mental health issues are important ones and although I commend the author for mixing multiple hot topics in one story, for me it just wasn't 'in your face' enough.That however is just my perception and I take on board the fact that portraying it in a more subtle, soft and less confrontational way will perhaps persuade more readers to think about these issues.All in all it was a pleasant reading experience, but I do think it needed more structure.I received a free copy of this book for my review.