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The Happy Prince and Other Stories - Oscar Wilde Today I decided to get an old dusty favourite out to read. Why you may ask, why today of all days would you choose Wilde?Why have you picked this book over something equally superb and known for its literary prowess...you know something that features:GIFSoupThat's right goblins, goblin sex and oh baby eating goblins.I mean isn't that the kind of book you think of straight away when you think of renowned playwrights like Wilde.GIFSoupYeh, I know I was kind of speechless as well when I found out that Mr Wilde had been put on the Badly Behaving Authors listopia list, because one of the authors on there fancies herself and the other hissy fit throwing scribes to be EQUAL to Oscar Wilde.Stephen Fry, who portrayed Wilde on screen couldn't be reached for comment...busy being earnest you know..Instead I decided to ask the infamous Goblin King (who doesn't eat babies)..GIFSoupYeh...he looks kinda upset doesn't he, not sure whether it is the fact that Oscar is being equated to BBAs or because some people give goblins a bad name.Last but not least ...the actual book of short stories by Wilde.I had forgotten how full of melancholy Wilde's stories are. Always just a hint away from a teardrop.For some bizarre reason I can hear Stephen Fry, as I read these short gems. His image will forever be bonded with the name of Oscar Wilde.Often underrated for his work and overrated for his personal scandals, Wilde was a celebrity en vogue of his time.This Kindle edition has some minor errors, but nothing major. It is a decent introduction to this his work, however I would recommend giving 'The Importance of Being Earnest or The Picture of Dorian Gray' a go to get the full flavour of his talent.