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Primary Fault - Sharon Kae Reamer Some of the language structure suggests it was written in German and then translated into English. Nothing major just the occasional sentence. For instance: 'I am not from yesterday' a literal translation of 'Ich bin nicht von gestern.' The phrase most commonly used in English would be I wasn't born yesterday. I also chuckled out loud at the translation of the stinky flower, the author has a good sense of humour.I enjoyed the use of both languages, it reminded me of the way they are used in the Book Thief.I felt as if the book never actually came to a crescendo. Promises of Otherworld and explanations were always on the brim of being revealed. That's the problem though the story never culminated in a proper explanation of the strange events or what was really going on.Instead the reader is subjected to hints, mysterious figures, many bouts of nausea and unconsciousness by the main character and glimpses into what could possibly be the past or alternate reality. I don't know because the book ends without clearing even a little bit up. I assume that might happen in a possible sequel, but this as a stand alone novel didn't deliver the huge idea behind it.I received a free copy of this book for my review.