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On Unfaithful Wings (Icarus Fell, #1) - Bruce Blake Started with oomph became a little tepid in the middle and then ended with a burst of energy I can only liken to a putting a whole bag of pop rocks in your mouth all at once. So many pops and crackles that confusion and noise take over.Don't get me wrong, I think the author has created a series worthy character. It just needs tightening up a little.The most memorable about the book is the main characters name Icarus Fell. I swear it was mentioned in nearly every paragraph. The cynic in me thinks that is some kind of subliminal marketing ploy, because I am not likely to forget it any time soon. Worst case scenario I might accidentially shout 'Icarus' if I forget one of my kids names. Best case scenario one of them will just go along with it and say 'What Mom?'Anyway enough about Icarus Fell and more about the book, ok wait, that is about Icarus Fell. A tale of fallen angels, guardian angels, the harvesting of souls and of course the guys who work for the boss in the underworld.Icarus is placed in a position that allows him to decide whether to punish or forgive those who have caused him harm. Tough call when you're supposed to be an impartial party in the whole harvesting of souls business.I thought it was a good read, which could have been a cracking one.I received a free copy of this book for my review