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King, King, Goose? - Mandy M. Roth Short novella that serves as an appetizer for Roth's writing/series.It was funny in parts, despite the shortness of the piece. Clearly Roth strengths lie in the combination of breathless romantic encounters, sweaty body parts melding together as one and comfortable likeable characters to boot.One thing though, who goes to all that trouble to create a wonderful dragonshifter kingdom with creative character names like Najarni and then describes them as 'the purple dragons of the east.' Couldn't come with anything more fancy or exotic? Sounds like a bunch of Barney the Dinosaurs with identity problems.On the more positive side, I really enjoyed the scene with The Roger and think that is what I shall call them from now on. You want to know what a The Roger is...you're going to have to read it to find out.