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The Restorer - Amanda Stevens For someone who more or less has a book of rules about what not to do around ghosts, the main character sure has a hard time following them. Breaking one rule after the other Amelia finds herself torn between staying safe and going with her gut instinct, guess which one wins each time.The main character has no problem walking around graveyards all hours of the day without a care in the world and yet spiders make her scream like a demented banshee. Such is her nature, twofold. The incredibly naive and careless to the point of seeking out danger at every corner. That's what makes her so delightful and surprising as a character.This solid example of the paranormal genre is quite a nifty read. Stevens brings a dark aura and murky depths to the table. Less action and more atmosphere define this murder mystery mixed with ghosts and otherwordly beings.There are a few questions left unanswered. Who is Amelia really? What hasn't her father told her? Will she be able to rid Devlin of his ghosts? Looking forward to getting some answers from the sequel.