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The First Pillar (Everville, #1) - Roy Huff Often it felt as if the story was jumping from one place and thing to another without really explaining why, who or where. The same applies to the major entity Them, it could do with more character depth and explanation. It is possible that the reader will be given a clearer picture of Them in a sequel of course. It could do with an edit for a few minor issues and the flow of the plot.Some of the dialogue is a little stoccato and awkward. This seems to be more evident in the chapters that take place in the real world. The chapters in Everville have a better flow and the author seems more at ease.I would suggest a small glossary to explain the Fron, Them, the Keeper and the Others in Between.The author has a lot of creative and complex ideas. The intermingling of pillars in regards to faith and the soul. Or the crossover between worlds, which seem to be almost parallel.It is a fantasy book with a YA feel to it. The main character and his friends are young students.Overall I think it will appeal to readers who like their fantasy with a touch of youthful simplicity and at the same time wandering into the boundaries of complex worlds.