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Stuart The Bug Eating Man - Calvin Innes My 7 yr old thinks this book is hilarious. Whilst reading it he giggled and I said the equivalent of yuck, gross, disgusting, Ewwww and icky, especially when it came to Stuart drinking liquidized bugs.(*Shiver*)It is the perfect book for children who love any kind of insect or bug and think things like boogers, slime and worm sandwiches are entertaining.I count my son amongst those children, in fact he was highly interested in whether Stuart would be eating any really hairy spiders and if so did I think they were crunchy.*sigh*The text is written in two sentence rhymes per page. Reading age around 7yrs upwards and advanced readers. The text is also kept fun and simplistic with words that children of that age will understand and relate to.The Illustrations are what make this book so much fun. It brings those simple words to life.Seeing Stuart hang his head out of train window so he can catch bugs in his mouth or seeing him drink a tall glass of super yummy liquid bugs with a straw.Have I mentioned how totally yuck this book is?The Illustrations are in black and white. Personally I think it helps the child focus more on the words, but I do believe that this book in colour would be an absolute monstrous delight.It is perfect for the reluctant reader, well if they like disgusting things that is. The child becomes so engrossed in all the bugs and ensuing laughter that they forget that they are fulfilling the task of reading.It would make a great scholastic book.I received a free copy of this book for my review.