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Thuggin In Miami (The Family Is Made : Part 1) - R.A.  Robinson This story fits into a niche and because of that I think it will divide readers opinions. The niche being a true reflection and replication of life on the streets, in the hood.This is predominantly notable in the language between characters, whether it is the structure or profanity. The language structure lacks any grammatical substance during the dialogues and the swearing could be an issue for some readers. It also features sexuality, which is quite base and without flowery semantics.So I would remind any reader choosing it to remember that it is written specifically in a way that reflects reality.The story features a young man, who is arrested on a drug charge. The main focus however is on how the members of his inner circle work together in what they call the family. It is interesting when you compare the Italian mob structure La Famiglia. They have a certain initiation process and power ranks within that structure.I felt the plot took a sharp turn around half-way through when Skinny became the focus of the story. The focus on her volatile nature and strange habits shifted the story away from where I feel the author intended it to go. I understand that the intention was to show how she maintained the stronghold during his absence, I just think that the approach wasn't direct enough.I received a free copy of this book for my review.