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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski Is this book making young hearts beat faster and sigh at the thought of this endearing love story?The answer to that would be yes.I found the description of the female main character a little disturbing. She is portrayed as completely immature, as if she has no common sense or sense of self preservation. In fact she actually describes herself as 'needing' a male to teach her how to not get into situations which may be dangerous for her.Really?I mean is this really how the author perceives young women or women in general. Do we 'need' to be led in the right direction?That was just the lead up to the borderline BDSM like sexual relationship which develops between the two main characters.What really got my goat was the almost obsessive fascination with rape. Aside from the fact that the storyline seems to imply that women should know or be taught super infallible 'how not to get raped skills' and if they don't it's their own fault.Hmm this seems to be a reocurring flawed thought process in YA and New Adult books that keeps rearing its ugly little head. Worrying to think that in our era many young women really do believe that if they don't adapt their behaviour to these 'how not to get raped skills' that they are somehow part of the problem.The answer to that is No they're not.Having to keep yourself safe, use common sense and trust your gut, whilst watching out for predators is a cop out of the upper echelon of ruling society. It is quite simply society putting the burden of keeping potential victims safe on the victims instead of keeping them safe by controlling and punishing the predators.Overall the story is sweet veering on the edge of unhealthy. Towards the end it becomes really emotional and more centred on the stronger points of the plot.I can see why it is a popular book. Personally I think it has aspects in it that I wouldn't want any female to take on board.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley