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Night Demon (Night Series, #2) - Lisa Kessler The Night Walkers have to work together in this book. They have an enemy in common called Camelotz and she isn't really all that bothered who she kills. Totally indiscriminate, whether Night Walker or human she doesn't give two monkeys and is quite happy to just destroy anyone in her vicinity.This book gives us a little extra insight into the origins of the Night Walkers. The Mayan connection and earlier fate of the Night Demon was an interesting element, perhaps one that will be delved into at later date.For me it lacked a certain character depth. I didn't feel any kind of connection to any of them. It was also missing that certain flair that often goes hand in hand with books of this genre.It is as if the author had all the ingredients and just hadn't added the extra spice to the story yet.Despite that I think readers who are looking for a light and entertaining excursion into the world of ancient gods and Night Walkers will enjoy it.I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley