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Gorgeous George & the Zigzag Zit-Faced Zombies. Stuart Reid - Stuart  Reid A memorable and entertaining book. I am not likely to forget this in a hurry and am sure my 7 year old will remind me if I do.I have to admit the part about the little girl licking dirty crusty boogers off the table completely icked me out. It made my son emit an enormous 'Ewww' and then a five minute fit of giggles. He spent a good part of the next day seeing if he could disgust his older siblings with the tale.I really like the odd running commentary that the author has included of himself warning the faint hearted and the easily icked out (insert my name here) to not read any further, especially when it comes to the last chapters. I ignored the warning and kind of wish I hadn't. *Shudder*I would put this at a reading level age 8 upwards. It contains a lot of text so if you have a reluctant reader you might want to do it a few pages at a time. Alternatively you can read it to your child. A lot of the wit is what I would deem not as easy to understand for very young readers. Example:'Phone the Scottish Intelligence then. Scottish Intelligence? There's a contradiction in terms.'Aside from the obvious swipe at the Scots that quip is more suited for a reader who will understand the reference, as opposed to the younger one who might need it explained.The illustrations by Calvin Innes make the words and images of Reid come alive. Perhaps a little too much at times. Boogers, snot and all sorts of not exactly pretty looking glibber and goo seem to ooze out of every orifice.What I enjoyed the most about this book is the way it will entice a specific type of reader to pick up a book. The type that finds reading a chore and books quite boring. By using a topic and visual images that will attract many with the delightfully disgusting Snot and Zit Zombies the author and illustrator are opening up a whole new world for some readers. It just takes the right book at the right time to create a reader.I received a free copy of this book for my review.