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Bloodspell - Amalie Howard It would have been interesting to see Howard explore the blood in connection with her heritage a little more deeply. What exactly makes it so powerful? Is there a genetic combination or link from the outside that makes it so omnipotent?I didn't find the love story between the main character and Christian very convincing perhaps because he was very borderline ignorant in his approach to her.That seems to be a plot element many authors in the YA genre are reproducing like bees to pollen and honey. Making their male main leads more or less bad as in abusive as opposed to bad boy attitude.I also found the main character or rather her personality was written with some inconsistency. The book starts out describing her as someone who avoids confrontation. An outsider with no friends. The next school she attends she is almost overly flirtatious and a social butterfly. I will concede that this could be attributed to her awakening.Overall it was a pleasant teenagey type read, but I found it lacked something. It was very predictable.The author needs to delve a little deeper into her own quarry of ideas, which are obviously there and evident in the blood sub-plot, she just needs to let that creativity be a little bolder.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.