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The One Thing More - Anne Perry Truly excellent murder mystery, which is set during the French Revolution. The murder actually takes a secondary role in this tale with the main focus being on the political machinery of that era.The reader gets a close look at the implications of the revolution and the various groups pulling the strings. The oppressed masses are happy to be released from the tyranny of both church and royalty only to find the subsequent tyranny of the Citizens just as oppressive. It gives a bleak picture of treachery, mistrust, hunger and desperation instead of the joyous freedom the people were seeking.In the midst of all this a man who is trying to save the king of France is murdered. The question is was he murdered for being a traitor or for his apparently nefarious past.Perry is an exquisite writer who always manages to capture to tone and scene of the moment with her creative skills. Readers are so used to her writing Victorian crime that they might overlook this great read.The only thing I found less than stellar was an element that I thought might have been a continuity error. St Felix is described as a young man around the same age as Georges, Celie and Amandine. In the last chapter he is described as someone either the same age as Madame LaCoste or older. That made the solution at the end slightly confusing if not impossible.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.