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Witch Fire - Laura Powell This is quite a clever little book. It is set in a dystopian world of humans and witches, who are feared and rejected for their power, which is called their fae.The author has the witch hunters or anti-witch brigades going back to the use of barbaric, archaic and medieval methods of witch torture and exposure. Using methods like witch dunking to get the alleged witch to admit to their crime or witchdom.That's right you read that correctly, the good old dunkeroo game. If you swim you're a witch and if you don't you...well at least you don't burn. The ultimate punishment being burnt at the stake of course. Just like in the good old days.As shocking or even as clich├ęd as this return to the times of the Inqusition may sound I actually found it quite fascinating.Even in an dystopian setting the natural inclination of humans is to destroy that which they can neither understood nor control.Each country boasts a native Inquistion agency. Like the FBI but with flame accelerants. Witches have special passports and need permission to travel. Errm hint of genocide anyone?So although this story starts out a little awkward it picks up in no time and is a really interesting combination of past history and a possible new age.The age range is younger teen and despite the methods I mentioned above it does not contain any violence or unsuitable content for younger readers. I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.