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Christopher Golden, Jonathan Maberry, Kelley Armstrong, David Liss
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Jonathan Lake
The Lies of Locke Lamora (The Gentleman Bastard, #1)
Scott Lynch
Mom of the Year
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The Wolf Prince - Karen Whiddon The inner turmoil of a man who wants to let the inner wolf rule, which also means letting the human male be consumed by the wolf. In the midst of this crisis the wolf prince meets a woman who is a fae Dr Doolittle of sorts.Her secrets make her part of two worlds and she wanders around in a third just for fun. Slipping through to the world of the prince sets off a string of events that change both their futures forever.Willow is a victim of fae racism, her sister is narcissist and her parents are not interested in her at all. This just makes her more determined to seek the answers to her many questions.So the struggling wolf prince and the unusual fae princess find themselves entangled in a web of murder and enchantment.This is a pleasant afternoon read. It has just the right amount of excitement, danger, love and heartbreak to quell the thirst of a reader looking for something uncomplicated to read. It lacked a certain spark to make it exceptional. Pleasant is neither memorable nor extraordinary. I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.