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Midnight at Marble Arch - Anne Perry I feel as if Perry was trying to make a great big statement with this book. Tackling the issue of rape in that era and the upper echelons reaction to it. The theme was relevant for that era but the points and arguments had a 21st century ring to them. That could mean two things. Either we as a society have not moved one inch in our thinking and approach to the issue in the last few centuries or Perry forgot which era she was writing in.It was quite evident how much the author wanted to point out her stance on the matter. How the victims are/were treated as the guilty party and rejected for being raped. Blamed by other females for bringing it upon themselves, being bad women hence deserved it or making the man forget himself. All of those stereotypical answers can still be heard today. Women of that era couldn't accuse or come forward it would mean embarrassing their family and bringing shame upon their own person.I think getting the point across was more important than concentrating on the usual Pitt type murder mystery. It overshadowed the sub-plots.It wasn't the usual comfortable Perry style mystery. This was Perry finding her voice and shouting above the noise.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley