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Tathea - Anne Perry Let's start with off with what this book isn't shall we. It is not by any stretch of mind a fantasy. Tossing on a robe and giving characters foreign sounding names and having the main character travel from kingdom to kingdom does not a fantasy novel make.Once again I am surprised by the fact that Perry is using her books to voice personal opinions and beliefs.Retrospective with age? Hmm using the vessel of her popularity to speak to others perhaps.Which she could have pulled off successfully if the story had been good. It was like having to read a book of algebra whilst stuck on a desert island. No offense to anyone who would find that stimulating.Where was Perrys usual panache and smooth charm?This is a book about religious beliefs and it is most certainly leaning heavily towards the old Mormonism.I have to admit to being disappointed. I would enjoy seeing Perry try her hand at the fantasy genre but it seems as if a lot of her books in the last few years have become more about getting her agenda out there instead of creating a great read.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.