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The Elite - Kiera Cass Take the concept of a reality show and add a pinch of dystopian class structure and you have this series.The Bachelor for teenagers.It is written in a very simplistic manner.It lacks the gritty substance of a YA and is geared stylistically more towards young teens and indeed I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to readers age 13 plus.It is filled with the fantasy of young girls. Pretty dresses and handsome boys vying for the heroines attention.Unfortunately she seems to be just a tad on the fickle side and the content of the book is a long extended game of the following. Oh Maxon likes me, wait a minute Aspen is really kind of cute, Maxon likes me, oh no wait a minute no he doesn't, uhm Aspen is cute...errm Maxon might like me?Fair enough younger readers and YA/Teen category lovers will probably adore it.I think the author needs to be careful not to let the series become too predictable. The next book will eliminate two more girls and so on. Whatever essence of faux fantasy life attracted readers to the first book is slowly starting to dissipate in this second one.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.