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Deceiving the Witch Next Door - Melissa Bourbon Ramirez Storie has returned to her home town after a long absence. It seems as though it wasThe interaction between the two main characters is comfortable, easy-going and yet the smoldering beneath the surface is tangible.All the ingredients for a hot little story were there and then the wicked witch from the west turns up and the concept goes a bit pear shaped.The second half is rushed and has a myriad of details shoved into the short space.Such a shame really if the author had just concentrated on the couple and not made the secondary plot so flighty and tried to fit every possible odd twist in there this would have been a really good read. Instead it veers into the realm of unbelievable and lacks any sincerity or depth in the second half.The author needs to tap into that spark she has created for the couple and let that flow throughout her work.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.