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Dark Wolf - Kate Douglas You know what you're in for straight away on the first page when a male chicken is used to describe the male lead characters genitalia, which just happens to be honouring the magic in the air with a huge standing ovation. All stiff and soldierlike waving at the moon.I found that quite amusing because the author goes on to use eloquent vocabulary. Was that Douglas being clear about her intentions?This book was a bizarre combination of split book personalities. The great shifter novel aching to be let loose and the odd let's get it on with everyone including Donkey Kong if he turns up, intercourse extravaganza it actually was.What exactly was the point of all the gratuitous sexual escapades? A bonks B, A sometimes bonks C,C wants to bonk D but A gets in there first, C bonks D and for some strange reason B shoves it right up C and then A bonks B again. Got that?No,well someone sure as hell got it real good.This could have been a strong shifter story if the author hadn't felt compelled to fill up the empty spaces with intimate scenes that had no relevance to the story. It had a really strong concept, which remained secondary to all the other shenanigans.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.