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True - Erin McCarthy The concept is what seems to be standard for NA (New Adult = YA with a bit of hot toddy) at the moment. Brainy middle class girl meets handsome hotty from lower class dysfunctional family and they do the magnet dance.You know, the suck face then oh no beware, nibble ear then oh no whatever shall I do and ultimately the horizontal tango and I am bad for you scenario, which is in essence the opposites attract magnetic pheromone dance.No surprises there then.However let's not lay this book by the side of the road just yet (not that I would do that to a book, it would be tantemount to sacrilege). This story is what Beautiful Disaster should have been and to be honest it is quite similar with the exception being that this one has actual content in the plot and not just space saving brain fluff.McCarthy has given the main female character some witty lines in combination with her scientific mind. Actually I think it reminded me of a couple from a popular TV show, what Booth and Brennan would have been like if they had met in college.There is of course the unfortunate use of the words ghetto/ghetto-rats to describe a certain area the main characters travel through at one point.Poor choice of words? Yes.Thoughtless stereotypical labelling travelling straight from the horses mouth? Yes.Worthy of such debate? No.Apart from those mishaps the book isn't laden or burdened with any other covert racist remarks and as such shouldn't be used as an example of failings in society or class structures.There are far more many literary works worthy of that distinction and debate, this certainly isn't one of them.This is simply a teenage angst-ridden story wrought with hormones, sexist attitudes, and unfortunately probably a good indicator of college life.The pressure women place on their own gender when it comes to conforming and accepting less than stellar behaviour from the males around them. Girls are made to feel as if virginity is a dirty word. They feel pushed and rushed by peers, because not being sexually active is deemed as odd one out. The roommates in this story are far more demeaning to the main character than the males.Nothing overly complex.I received a copy a this book via NetGalley.