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The Boleyn King - Laura Andersen Well it is certainly historical fiction and the author has taken a stab at what most historical buffs have wondered at one time or another. What would British history look like if Anne Boleyn had given Henry VIII a male heir.I think if given the chance I would travel back and give Henry a kick up his royal bottom for murdering the woman most likely to give him strong healthy children.So the premise is not only did Anne give him a son, that son becomes king. Elizabeth plays merely a secondary role as princess.By the way, as the son of ruthless Henry and conniving Anne, William needs to get a move on and find his inner monarch.It was a fun read, although I do think a little less importance could have been given to the potential bed bunnies of Minuette. I would have liked to have seen more intrigue and political machinations instead of who will be the next mistress of whom.Would his son have been just as cruel and self-centred? Would Elizabeth have remained childless? What of Mary Stuart, who remains with head in place in this scenario?So many possibilities.Overall the book swerves strongly towards romantic fiction with a strong swig of history.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.