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Wounded Prey: Introducing Detectives Farrell and Kearns - Sean Lynch The crimes that are committed in this book are pretty gruesome, especially the ones involving young children. However the author doesn't use gratuitous violence or descriptions of the crimes to shock the reader. He doesn't have to, as the plot and writing speak for themselves.The villain is an interesting combination of childhood trauma, which causes the pathology, linked to the Vietnam conflict. Does the trauma of the war trigger the loss of boundaries and subsequently unleash the animal within broken man? We meet the future team of Kearns and Farrell, who are an odd couple in the first instant, but they grow on the reader. They are linked via the killer to each other.I think this team has potential. They have this natural bond, which is almost like father and son like. There is also this dry humour between them that makes their scenes both funny and endearing. Might be interesting to see how Farrell reacts if Kearns takes a serious interest in Farrell's daughter.Some of the procedure elements were a bit far-fetched, not to mention completely illegal. It is a fast paced read with some violent punches.I received a copy of this book NetGalley.