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The People's Will - Jasper Kent The fourth in the Danilov Quintet series by Kent.You will have to strap your extra memory cells on for this because it is packed full of names, dates and places set in Russia. That means at least triple names for every character or reference to a person in history. At times I thought this was to the detriment of the story, because the reader spends half their time reading one name after the other, and I am sure first names would have sufficed after a few chapters.Then the who is related to whom and family friends saga, which also took up a good quarter of the book.Hidden in the midst of all this is a vampire story linked to the historical events of the group called the People's Will. The group that planned and succeeded in the assassination of Alexander II of Russia. I should say that the vampire story is one that has taken place over the last four parts of the series and the various characters are linked to different events throughout history. This one just happens to enfold around the events of the group The People's Will.As I mentioned before, I felt there was far too much explaining of who is what to whom and why. It burdened down the vampire plot, which had its moments, especially when it came to escape and survival techniques of the vampire. This was also the case when it came to the secondary plot of the assassination. It just sank into obscurity amongst all the explanations about subsequent family relationships.I would like to read a Kent without the main focus being who is and instead I would prefer what is. I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.