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Gameboard of the Gods - Richelle Mead Mead shows just how complex she can get in this sci-fi, fantasy with a dab hand of mythology series.Genetic reproduction, manipulation and enhancement of genes which is directly tied to the socioeconomic structures of the population. Class structures defined by good genes vs bad genes. So more or less eugenics with the added restriction of number of children determined via class, money, genetics and country.The layers are quite deep if you care to take a closer look.Now mixed in with all that is the mythlogy aspect of the story. Gods and deities trying to rule and dominate via the human population. Apparently they think nothing of using the odd scientific enhancement to get what they want.The two main characters are drawn to each other instinctively, methinks the Gods like having a wee bit of fun now and again. When they are both assigned to find a serial killer they end up finding unwanted answers to unexpected questions.This is a big step away from her usual YA books. It is brash, bold and unforgivingly complicated at times. It will make your braincells work for their money. I enjoy her writing, her creativity and this was no exception.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley& Edelweiss.