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Brother's Fury - Giles Kristian If you have read the first part 'The Bleeding Land' then this second part of the trilogy might be unexpected.It is less emotive and seems to be the interim book, the book in the middle that lays the foundation for the end of the trilogy. Book 1 was raw, emotional and left no prisoners. This gives a little more insight into the the paths the brothers and sister have taken after the traumatic events of the last book.One brother is pitted against the other in a merciless war and the sister is willing to risk all to see them reunited.The brothers are alike in their inner anger, however one controls it and the other lets the fury lead him.Other than the detailed battle scenarios there was another element to the characters that gave me pause for thought. The brothers and their horses. In some way I think they each connect with their animals as a substitute for the loss of the person closest to them. They are less likely to betray them in battle or fight for the other side. These scenes show more intimacy with the horses than with their fellow humans. Possibly a by-product of the war.I hope the author can combine the best of both books for the next part. The emotional tidal wave and the detailed warfare.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.