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Caged Warrior - Lindsey Piper Not as strong as the prequel Silent Warrior, which smouldered with passion and the strength of the Dragon Kings.This veered into the dark despicable and violent depths of the Cages. The place the Dragon Kings are taken to battle against each other.After reading the extremely powerful prequel I was surprised by the direction the author took with this one. It strolled merrily along the en-vogue storyline of the (at this moment in time, especially in YA) degradation of females.Letting the apparent bad boy hero overstep the boundaries into abusive behaviour and of course the heroine just likes him even more for it. You know, because all women really want to be treated like dirt deep down inside. (Yes that was sarcastic).Subsequently also alluding to the fact that they should be submissive to males. All that hidden in the guise of training as a neophyte in the Cages.Now that could be due to the fact Piper is actually a writer of historical romance (under a different name) and those type of storylines are common in that genre.That didn't work well in this genre. It kind of takes the energy out of it, the wind out of the sails.I would like to see Piper go back to the prequel and grab that superb ball of creative idea she used and focus that intention on this series. It has the potential to be a strong captivating series.I received a free copy of this book via Edelweiss.