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The Testing - Joelle Charbonneau The marketing strategy was very clever and well thought out. I was both surprised and slightly disenchanted by the fact it not only mirrored the Hunger Games in many ways but there seemed to be no effort to make it different in any way.I found it lacked depth at times and there were many missed opportunities to draw the reader in and let them connect with the characters.Sometimes I felt this was done on purpose to give the story an overall feeling of the end is nye coldness. Robotic, emotionless and shallow Cia. Born into a society of dictatorship that doesn't allow you to feel what you want. Picked and torn from her family and fully aware that this might be the last time she sees them.Now if you see it from that perspective it makes the almost robotic like Cia make sense in the grand scheme of things.Anyone who can devise a concept to draw the reader in via clever websites, previews and the essence of secrets to be unlocked should have been able to create their own story, even if the core idea was sparked by another book.I would suggest the author give themselves a little credit and trust in their own creativity, which was certainly evident beneath the HG template.I think this will appeal to readers who don't mind a little fan-fiction or enjoy the dystopian setting despite the familiarity of the plot.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.