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Silence of the Wolves - Hannah Pole I understand that authors try and make things more interesting for readers by creating memorable names or terms for characters or groups of characters. Sometimes I think it just isn't necessary, especially in a genre that has a vast amount of books to choose from. So it would have sufficed to call the tuhrned just the turned. That extra H just bugged me. I would also suggest the author take a closer look at the use of semi-colons and commas in the first chapter or two. Sometimes less is more.Overall I found the story very predictable and the writing simplistic. The characters need more depth and the interaction needs to be less telling and more showing.Saying that though you can clearly feel the enthusiasm in the story and the spark of creativity.On a more personal plot note Leyth needs to be smacked round the head with a tire iron for his quick use of demeaning vocabulary towards females when he is angry. Perhaps Tam can teach him not to do that in the next book.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.