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A Bitter Taste - Annie Hauxwell The main character isn't your run of the mill type. She is a long term heroin addict and isn't particularly bothered who knows about her addiction.One of her junkie friends turns up and wants Berlin to find her missing daughter. That little mission turns out to be a lot more complicated than she expected. It also awakens something akin to a maternal instinct in the main character. For once her thoughts are not just filled with the gnawing need for the next high or how to get it.I liked the grittyness of Berlin. Having a non stereotypical character often adds a fresh flavour to any genre.So with that in mind this started out well and was quite good but I think the second half could have been better.Scenes were quicker and less realistic. The police seemed to be thriving in a constant state of non-rule regime and mutual back slapping corruptness. There was also no explanation for the miraculous return of you know who (sorry can't tell you who the who is, as that would be a spoiler).I would like to see the author tighten the plot with more of the harshness she gives to her main character and let that tinge of reality flow a little more freely.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.