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Six Moon Summer - S.M. Reine The wonderful world of self obsessed teenageritus. That is one thing that Reine manages to get just right.The main character Rylie thinks the world evolves around her feelings, needs and fits of sulky mood swings. A trait younger readers will identify with and older readers may be a tad annoyed by it.There were some inconsistencies but nothing that disturbed the flow of the storyline in any way.I was a little perturbed by the way the character did or didn't react to the news that necessitated her going home, only to come straight back a few days later. That part of the story did not gel well at all for me. Rylie states how close she was to him and then subsequently forgets about him completely.Having read some of the later work in this series I know that the author has ironed out a lot of wrinkles that are evident in this first book.This book doesn't reflect the true depth of her talent, which is more evident in subsequent books.