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Samantha Moon Rising - J.R. Rain Vampire Dawn bk 5Moon's life as a vampire takes quite an unexpected turn in this fifth book. She is no longer limited by all the aspects of her condition. Moon starts to understand that she is part of a bigger picture. One that will eventually threaten to literally consume her.Vampire Games bk 6When did Fang go from being a mysterious presumably hot confidante to strange obsessive stalker? He no longer gives the reader the sense he is playing on Sam's side of the team anymore.Rain has taken this character and given him a totally different direction. Safe haven becomes possible threat when Fang decides to fulfill his hidden desire at any cost. Even if that cost includes Moon.Moon Island bk 7This one reminded me of the film The Fallen. The entities we encounter in Vampire Games come out to play in this one. Moon finally discovers what they want and how they intend to get it. Unfortunately for her it could mean the difference between live and death for herself or someone she loves.The character Allison was a tad annoying. I found her over the top teenagey instead of funny and perky, which is what I assume Rain was going for.Teeth (short story)This was really good and also incredibly disturbing. It is the story of Fang before he meets Samantha Moon. I think Fang would do quite well on his own as a character in a book. A little serial killer creepy persona meets friendly guy next door.Rain can write an excellent story a prime example is his Knighthorse: Books One and Two series, which is dark and witty. Sometimes Rain is guilty of not giving all of his books/stories the attention they deserve. The Moon series started out strong then sagged in the middle and now the last few books have picked up alittle.On a side note I would still like to see the ex-husband get what is coming to him after being such a (insert word of choice here) in the first books. He needs to suffer a lot more.Both Kingsley and Fang seem to be otherwise engaged so perhaps it is time for a new love interest for Moon. Just thought I would put that out there.I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.