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The Last Kiss Goodbye - Karen Robards The serial killer aspect of the story was good and the connection of the main character to the paranormal gave it an interesting twist. Even the possibility of a hard to maintain relationship between Michael and Charlie was both viable and entertaining.However what really made the story less powerful than it could have been was the back and forth between the couple. Their interactions were right out of a romance novel, including flounces and heavy breathing.It really seemed as if the author was indecisive about whether this was a book about crime or about two adults wanting to get it on like Donkey Kong. Either would have been great but together it made the story seem imbalanced. Just a little bit too much emphasis on their personal physical tug of war.Aside from that Robards has managed to create a serial killer setting with an intriguing link to scientific research on the matter. Are we born with a genetic link that makes us more likely to kill, can such an urge (if it exists) be awakened or does it depend on circumstance and surroundings even if there is such a link? I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.