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A Clockwork Heart - Liesel Schwarz Apparently being the Oracle and Pythia does not make you exempt from marrying a chauvinistic and sexist whiny male, who thinks his wife should stay at home and obey him.I am not feeling the love for Hugh and can't say I am displeased by the outcome of this book.He knew she would be flying airships and attending to matters of the steampunk supernatural variety.Did he think she was going to do all that from home barefront and pregnant, whilst commanding the servants on his behalf.Not enough steam or punk is this steampunk fantasy. It had more of creepy villain feel to it rather than the expected mixture of futuristic technology vs era.Aside from the occasional blip of creepy it was very dull. The dialogue was flat and unrealistic. Some of the sub-plots were random and didn't connect well to the main story.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.