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Elysian Fields - Suzanne  Johnson Have you ever seen one of those Guinness World Record things where the goal is to try and fit as many people into a phone as physically possible?This book was exactly like that when it came to characters.Having a merry amount of complex characters with yen amount of history and titles can work if the plot is solid enough that the crowd of extras doesn't interfere with it. Unfortunately the main plot in this book was a little like a gopher in a hole. Sometimes peeking its head out, but more often than not it wasn't.The second half of the book was more on target and it finally felt as if the story about the infamous axe wielding murderer was coming along until it was interrupted by the other main storyline, which wasn't one when the book started by the way.Now, whilst that might sound a tad on a negative side I have to say that the author has an abundance of creativity and ideas. They just don't all have to take place in the same book at the same time.So in the second half DJ not only finds out what or who Rand is, she also makes a decision that will influence her work and love life.I think this series could be a lot stronger if the author has wee bit more focus and is able to channel all those great ideas in a more decisive way.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.