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Crusader: The Sanctuary Series, Volume Four - Robert J. Crane I think this is the deepest journey into both Cyrus's past and soul that the author has taken so far. We get to see a glimpse of what and who made the man we know as Cyrus Davidon and it isn't pretty at all. In fact it is disheartening and might have left a slight scorch on my heart.Perhaps even enough of a mark to forgive him for the utter and total emotional mayhem he gets himself into in this book.Wait, I haven't finishing moaning yet.Apparently Cyrus woke up since the last book and discovered that he has a combination of Brad Pitt and George Clooney animalistic attraction going on, which must have been hiding in some nearby bushes, and the women are drawn to him like bees to honey.Cyrus being the honey of course.Go figure.It is that surprising that even his Sanctuary companions have a good chuckle about it at every given opportunity.Aside from that tiny issue this was a story of literally epic proportions and worth every minute of it. The Sanctuary faces its biggest threat during a time in which the companions are divided by land, sea and warfare. One group is confronted with the evil remnants of the ghost of their Xmas past and the other group begins to doubt that the Sanctuary is indestructible.Meanwhile Cyrus realises that each choice he has made comes with some kind of repercussion. One in the form of vengeance and the other in the shape of destruction.For readers who are new to the series I would suggest Defender: The Sanctuary Series, Volume One and for fans of the series this book will be an eye opener. It just keeps getting better, deeper and darker with each volume.Talking darker, the author takes us back to the Society of Arms where Cyrus spend his childhood years. Those revelations are worthy of their own book.Needless to say you can tell how much I enjoyed this read. Crane writes a wicked story, which some might say isn't so uncommon, but he also manages to create characters that you want to read about.By the way, Vara deserves better than the strumpet Cyrus has become.I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.