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Home to Whiskey Creek

Home to Whiskey Creek - Brenda Novak When you choose hard-hitting themes like rape, gang rape, homosexuality and the reactions of society to those topics, then perhaps you should ask yourself if you chose them to take a stance on the issue or just to make your story fluffier.It is a very thin line between keeping the happy-end-hunting reader satisfied and keeping the storyline with those topics realistic enough that they don't become a fictional travesty.Of course it is nye on impossible to not let those topics be tainted by personal opinion when writing about them.Noah's reactions to Baxter were quite frankly often very homophobic and his taking that penultimate choice out of Baxter's hands wasn't selfless. The way Noah dealt with Baxter and his family was selfish, it was not his decision to make.As for the gang rape I think it is fairly realistic to think that in a small town (and in society in general) most people will tend to blame the victim rather than the perpetrator.Unfortunately this is still a major fallacy in our society.In regards to that, the ending didn't really gel well for me. I don't really want to reveal any details. Needless to say life is not a snow globe with snow that settles smoothly on the ground without leaving a trace of any prior disturbance.It just isn't.I can see why readers enjoy Novak but I think the author has tried to write a controversial story within the framework of her usual style and for me it didn't work well at all.I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.