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Personal Demons (Megan Chase Series #1)

Personal Demons - Stacia Kane I enjoy Kane's writing, but I felt this lacked the finesse, depth and edge that is needed in this genre to stay above water.Although certainly not her finest work or a clear indication of what she is capable of, it does contain her trademark sense of darkness. Perhaps only a shimmer of it in this case, but it is there.Saying all that I found the three bodyguard demons Malleus, Spud and Maleficarum highly amusing and chuckled quite a few times while I was reading. Then again maybe Kane and I share a strange sense of humour, because the shower scene just cracked me up.Having read Kane's Unholy Ghosts Downside Ghosts, Book 1 I know that she is a talented author with a penchant for gritty and often for the reader uncomfortable characters. Unfortunately her specific panache just wasn't apparent in this book.